Visit your city’s musuems… visit the smithsonian with kidsSmithsonian Natural history museumI should’ve been an art history major. Sometimes, in my dreams, I’m that sexy African Art / African literature professor with funky style, elegant locked hair, and an office full of books about Africa.

Wait—that’s kinda my life—without the Ph.D…and the sexy office…and no dread locks (yet!).

Instead I’m surrounded by my beautiful, but wild children; my one hand’s in a pot on the stove while the other sweeps dirty dishes into the sink for the fifteenth time.

My beloved books about Africa and art are in stacked piles in the corner of a room I’ve earmarked as the future family library.

Natural History Museum DC

_DSC0119 Smithsonian DC

This past weekend was different though. I was surrounded by art. I love art, so we went to the Smithsonian on Saturday. It took us two hours to escape the suburbs (which is 4o minutes away from DC)! But we did it. We took the girls to the Natural History museum. We figured animals and nature are things they can grasp at 2 and 4 years old. We plan to visit all the museums in the city eventually. The museum of Natural History was a good start. The highlight of our visit was the sculpture museum’s botanical gardens. There was a magnificent fountain where visitors can dip their feet. The girls loved it.

Natural History Museum DCsculptural botanical garden

_DSC0140 botanicalGardenSmithsonianDC

Rare stolen moment between sisters

Rare, stolen moment between sisters

On sunday Ev and I went back to the city to see my brother perform spoken word. It was his first public performance. The vibe was very young and energetic. There were a variety of performances at Art Undiscovered and his poetry was a hit! I’m so proud of his courage to go up there and perform. It was nice to be in a room full of fresh-faced, young, talented artists. The energy and eccentricity in the tiny art gallery was electrifying.

spoken word in DC ArtUndiscovered

ArtUndiscovered DCWhile I dream of being credentialed in the arts, I know creativity runs through me and onto this keyboard. I like to paint pretty pictures with my words, while my little brother likes to speak his, I write.

We don’t need Ph.Ds for that.


How was your weekend? Do anything arts-y or special?

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