Spring has sprung and warmer weather is well on its way. The new season brings a change in weather, typically warmer temperatures, and with that comes a need to update our wardrobes/closets.

I recently took a little time to audit my toddler’s closet to purge some of the clothes/shoes that no longer fit. Why do these kids grow overnight?

The purge took half a day and I quickly realized that a minimalistic approach in terms of wardrobe for my kid would be best, as I never want to have to go through that again.

This go round, I’ve decided to be a tad more creative with my toddler’s wardrobe by mixing and matching new pieces with those already in her closet as well as finding ways to shop more effectively; by buying interchangeable pieces.

Below are some tips for functional (and cute!) Afropolitan kids style!

1. Take an Inventory

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m an impulsive shopper, especially when it comes to my daughter. So many cute things, so little time! And many dollar signs later you find yourself questioning why you purchased this when you already had something similar… We’ve all done it! Make sure you take a look at what you have before heading out on that shopping spree.

2. Know when and where to shop

A) The trick to being a “smart impulsive shopper” (if such a thing existed) when it comes to your children’s sartorial needs, is to know when to shop and where. I subscribe to a few of my favorite kid stores’ newsletters (Crazy 8, H&M, Zara, River Island, Gap, Old Navy, Garnett Hill, to name a few) and always get notifications when their sales are on. I understand that you may not want your inbox to be bombarded with emails from your favorite retailers. I get it, this is why setting up a separate email just for your kiddie shopping needs is not a bad idea.

b) End of season sales.

Shop in the winter for summer and vice versa. Sounds crazy?! It’s not! A trick I learned from my mama long ago; stack up for the following year and you can save up to 50% off retail price.

Afropolitan kids style3. Have fun and try something new

Be bold in your choices! I’m blessed to have a mom who also happens to be my personal seamstress who also loves to dress my little family in bold African textiles! There’s nothing I love more than showcasing my African pride through my personal style. Your mama don’t sew? That’s OK, I’m sure you have an auntie going back home soon, or a cousin, uncle or sista-friend currently living in Africa. Tell them to ring up the neighborhood seamstress and  put together a few shorts sets for your little ones. Chances are you can get 10 outfits made for less than $100 USD.

4. Invest where it matters

As much as I enjoy shopping, I prefer long walks to the bank, meaning I like my money in a savings account collecting interest for my children. However once in a while, investing in a good pair of shoes that your child will wear day in and day out is not a bad idea. I don’t think that buying a newborn a pair of expensive shoes is the smartest way to invest your money, but if you have a school aged kid, put your money where their feet are.

5. Less is best

Sales are fun, but no need to buy everything, which brings me back to my first point. Take an inventory of what you have and learn to mix and match. The fewer pieces, the less headaches and the more money in your pocket.

Now go forth and try the suggestions mentioned above! Happy Spring all!

afropolitan style for spring

Charlotte Betts is the curator of a modern day mommy and me blog which focuses on style, food and motherhood. Born to a Togolese father and Congolese mother (DRC), she is mom to a busy toddler, wife to a tech guru and currently calls Chicago home. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter (@milknhonee).

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If you have any additional tips for keeping your afropolitan kids stylish, tell me about ’em in the comments!

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