Friends1Summer’s almost over, but happy to begin the new school year. We spent summer in our DIY Summer Camp and it was fun and structured with something to do everyday.

Many parents dread the long unstructured summer days. But I encourage you to be intentional with this free time. Structure it so that planning is on autopilot. It’s an excellent time to focus on an African-centered curriculum especially if you work full-time or if the kids are traditionally-schooled. You can supplement swiss-cheese educations with a DIY summer camp like this one I adapted from The Power Of Moms. Here’s how:

Make a list of all the places you’d like to go, and all the books you’d like to read with the kids (if your library has a summer reading program that’s a good incentive for getting prizes for the kiddos for reading).

Make each day is a different theme. For us, and our cousins who joined us, it was:

Make it Monday

We made African food, baked stuff, made art…


Take a Trip Tuesday

Museums, play grounds, theaters, fun lands, galore

tuesday2 Tuesday3 Tuesday4 Tuesday5

Wet Wednesday

The pool and backyard sprinklers. We didn’t make it to the beach this year


Library Thursday

Check out this Black Children’s book list for inspiration. Just put them on hold at the library. Our library had an African American History adventure pack, we could check out. Score!

thursd Thurs2

Friend Friday

Have a special friend over, or visit someone special


Incorporate chores, reading, writing, and physical activity into your plans. These can be requirements to be checked off before the fun activities in the afternoon or weekends.

As the kids get older, I’ll be sure to incorporate chores and other requirements. This summer, the only requirement was reading, since my goal was to get her reading ability up. We accomplished that, she’s reading very well, to the point where she’d rather get a book a chill out on the couch. Win!

We went to museums, playgrounds, the pool. The beauty of this, is that you can make it as large or as local as you’d like.

This DIY summer camp is easy and fun and structured. Hopefully this inspires you for next summer!


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