The shopping season is upon us, and if you’re like me, you almost always end up buying more for yourself than for anyone on your list…but that’s not the point of this post.

If we are alike in anyway, you probably like mixing cute African prints with your everyday getup, an Aggrey bead bracelet, a cute ankara-print jacket or crop top…I haven’t found a pair of skinnies that compliment my backside though…

I know a lot of people who have clothes sown for them in Africa. I’m not the only one guilty of subjecting my mother’s seamstress to my enormous Afrochic pinterest board, pinned with extraordinary styles that I covet. There’s nothing wrong with going straight to the source–I’ve come across amazing designers who know their ish! While having clothes designed and sown for you back home is the cheaper option, I find that local seamstresses can sometimes miss the mark on fit and that extra special sauce, that make an outfit bangin’.

One reason I shop online is Ankara print blouses vetted and sold on my favorite online marketplaces meet my style profile when it comes to fit and cut, while offering accessories that pair nicely with my wardrobe. Another reason is the convenience of quickly buying clothes and returning them if they don’t work out; There’s no returning anything to the local seamstress down the street from grandma’s house–not even after she jacks yo ish UP!

From Etsy to craft shows, African print is everywhere. So where does a girl go to buy chic African clothes online?

8 Places to buy chic African clothes and accessories online

My Asho

MyAsho-Where to buy chic African clothes online

My Asho is one of the first places I discovered years ago to buy chic African clothes. It’s based in London, but shipping is reasonable. They have a decent range in prices and selection. They carry top-of-the line designer African labels and a good range of accessories to shop from. If you subscribe to their e-newsletter you get  discounts in your email too!


zuvaa-where to buy chic african clothes online

Zuvaa is everywhere on social media. Their range of clothing is alway interesting and I covet everything they carry. Zuvaa is an online boutique that connects you to brands from all over the world, so whatever you order is shipped directly from the brand to you. Check them out, and follow them on instagram, they don’t disappoint with inspiration…not just for that Pinterest board, I hope?

Nubian Hueman

nubian hueman-where to buy chic african clothes online

Nubian Hueman is a local favorite of mine. I frequent there when I’m in the vicinity because it’s a brick-and-mortar shop and I can try things in the store. They have a limited but delicious collection in the store. They compliment African print clothes with cool, urban, African and black inspired tees, for men and women. They have accessories, and home goods as well. Their space is truly inspiring…it’s like if a cornucopia of African print, bohemia, organic, black consciousness, black-girl-magic wrapped in a warm blanket of black love.

Oh, and they now sell online too.

AFI Privé

AFI Prive-where to buy chic african clothes online

AFI is based in Jobug, South Africa, but they ship worldwide. They are all about African luxury. Their collection is expertly curated with the high-rolling, quality-seeking consumer in mind. But don’t let that scare you, they definitely carry exclusive, unique brands. Shopping in this online boutique is like shopping off the runways of South Africa Fashion Week, truly an experience.


Diyanu-where to buy chic african clothes online

D’iyanu feels like an African clothing H&M or Forever 21. Comparatively, they have a bigger selection of items with a plus-size section to match. They sell children clothes too. I really like the vibe from this online portal and their African print sweatshirts make me swoon.

Maryam Garba

Maryam Garba-where to buy chic African clothes online

Ok, African-inspired work wear? YES, please! There is nothing more empowering than rocking some culture at work. But this small feat is sometimes hard to pull off without looking some kinda way…Maryam Garba is fixing that. Need a cute professional pencil skirt? Check. Need a versatile blouse to go under that black suit? Check. This brand is growing, and there’s a limited collection. I’d like to see more plus sized options and variety that gives DvF a run for her money.

Ohema Ohene

Ohema Ohene-where to buy chic african clothes online

What sets Ohema Ohene apart is their collection of shoes and Menswear. It’s hard to find clean cut, versatile African print menswear, but you can find something here for the special guy in your life. They ship worldwide from London. Check out their accessories and swimwear collection too.

Okay, these are the 8 places that I go to often for something pretty to add to my carefully curated wardrobe. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to buy some chic african clothes online for yourself or someone special. By the way, no one paid me to do this post…this is just a list from a girl who has a thing for chic african clothes.

Do you have any other tips for where to buy African fashion online?

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