bookreviewI followed up Laila Lalami’s The Moor’s Account with her debut novel Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits. It was an easy read, I read this in one night! The follows the lives of 4 morroccans as they make thier way accross the straight of Gibraltar in a dangerous attempt to illigally emmigrate to Europe…specifically Spain.

Laila Lalami is a very good writer; this book is a page-turner for sure. This book was very insightful about the plight immigrants who, year in year out, die trying to get to Europe to escape unsafe environments or economies that do not give the means to support themselves. It puts into perspective some of the very humanistic stories of migrants who take the risk

I would give it 3.8 stars if I were a heavy fiction person it would definitely be a 4. Check out the video for a deeper review of the book.

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