A conversation about styling, trends and fashion for the quintessential afropolitan woman

I read a lot of material about women’s style but there isn’t too much out there about style for the African woman. What are some of the aesthetics and cultural history that dictate the way we dress? How has our style evolved over generations?  How are young creatives pushing the envelope and interpreting African style now?

Afua Rida is the stylist behind one of the Africa’s arguable trendiest T.V. shows, An African City. She’s responsible for styling the leading ladies of Africa’s very own Sex and the City and she’s shaping the way African women remix African style with everyday wear.  Today on the show Afua and I discuss careers in Africa’s budding fashion industry, the outlook for African fashion, her styling philosophy as it pertains to African clothing, and African brands she’d break a heel for.

Show Highlights

  • Fashion styling as a viable career
  • The challenges of being a creative in Africa
  • Style philosophy for styling African prints and patterns
  • The secret to pulling off any style
  • Afua’s “top 5”
  • And much more!

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