I’m a huge plant-based advocate and general lover of healthy lifestyles. When I went vegan in 2008, it was one of the best decisions I made for my life that left lasting physical and mental changes. It was life altering really. There was my life before vegan and after vegan—a pivotal point in my life. But the journey has been smooth at times and extremely pot-hole ridden at others.

Today we’re kicking it with my good friend Nana Konamah who describes herself as a cultural theorist and general commentator who floats from blog to blog. She lives and works in Accra while navigating being vegan.

Show Highlights

  • Is it easier to be vegan in Ghana?
  • The struggle of sticking to vegan
  • Veganism and body image / eating disorders
  • The best way to approach the vegan lifestyle for the long run
  • And much more!

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