African stereotypes prevail in best selling literature; from the war-torn stories to stories about emigration abroad, but who is publishing ordinary contemporary African stories?

In this episode of the podcast, my worldly ‘auntie’ friend, writer, and soon-to-be-published author, Bisi Adjapon, chats with me about challenging African womanhood stereotypes in film and in African literature then she gives aspiring writers some sage auntie advice on how to get your book published when it isn’t about famine, war, or the African apocalypse.

Listen in on our conversation about growing up different, sex and womanhood in African culture, championing ordinary stories, how to find a literary agent and the advantages or disadvantages of going with African publishing houses.

Show Highlights

  • Auntie Bisi’s familiar story about what happens when girls attempt to self-explore
  • The struggle of growing up different in a family with traditional gender roles
  • What to do when your story is “Not African enough” for publishers
  • The best approach to shopping around your story and getting published
  • And much more!

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