This is the last episode of the season for AfriGens @ Work and its one of my faves!

Simona Noce is a publicist, a mom, a devoted partner, an event planner, she’s whatever she chooses to be, but most importantly, she’s an Afrigen. Her story resonates with me so much and I’m happy to share it.

Until next season, enjoy!

AfriGens @work is a passion project created by @notesfromHR, produced by @thisafropolitanlife, and filmed by @bessieakuba, where we seek, ask, and document life and career stories from next gen Africans adulting in the West. Why? Because so many of us are affecting change in our everyday lives and doing radical things to push the cultural envelope our parents so securely wrapped us in. We believe it’s important for us to see and share our stories and celebrate our successes.

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