Notes from HRWelcome to our Notes from HR column. Janet Asante is our resident career confidence coach here to give you some actionable advice and tips to build and keep your career in tip-top shape!

Janet is a Ghanaian-American Human Resources with over 18 years experience. Along the way she has collected insightful notes and thoughts on her experience as an AfriGenner climbing the corporate ladder. Notes from HR is dedicated to sharing those insights with you so you can skip a few rungs on your way up.

Wanna ask Janet a question? Email her at or send a tweet, twitter-iso-black@NotesfromHR


If you’re wondering what BlogHER is like, read on…

I was at #BlogHer17; a blog conference for women bloggers, and this is what I thought…

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Afrigen simonetta kusi

AfriGens at Work Episode 9 with Simonetta Kusi

Check out the latest episode of Afrigens at work with Simonetta Kusi

The Nana Project on AfriGens at Work

Afrigens at Work Episode 5 with The Nana Project Founder, Kirstie Kwarteng

Check out Kirstie Kwarteng, founder of The Nana Project, explain how her Ghanaian upbringing helps her professionally on this week’s episode of AfriGens at Work!

Cheers from those African chicks

AfriGens at Work Episode 3 with Chesray Dolpha from Those African Chicks Podcast

South African. Theatre Artist. Oprah Fellow Winner. Teacher. Mother. Black Lives Matter Protester. Passionate Being and co-creator of Those African Chicks podcast⎯Meet AfriGen, Chesray Dolpha


AfriGens @Work Episode 2 with Ghanaian Opera Singer, Tesia Kwarteng.

Tesia’s energy is infectious, she was destined to share her talents with the world. She fell in love with classical music at a very young age. Her parents encouraged her to pursue her stage dreams without putting guard rails on…

AfriGens @Work

AfriGens @Work Docu-Series

Notes from HR and This Afropolitan Life teamed up to bring you something fresh and exciting. It’s called AfriGens @WORK. We’re excited to finally be launching the first season of AfriGens @Work! After an adventurous and profound experience interviewing, filming, editing…

Career Lessons from this Laughable Election

Career Lessons from this Laughable Election

As the dog days of this laughable election year draws to a close here’s what we’ve learned…


Start a Career Journal

If you aren’t into keeping a journal about general life musings, a career journal might be up your alley…


5 valuable career lessons from my African father

The power of African parents to shape a person’s career is legendary. Here are a few career (and life) lessons our guest poster, Olivia Adele, learned from her father.


The Minimalist Mindset for Career and Life Success

What is minimalism and how can it help you in your career? Check out the latest post from our resident AfriGen career columnist.

career savviness notes from HR on This Afropolitan Life Podcast

Career Savvy with Janet Asante from Notes from HR

Our resident career columnist Janet Asante from Notes from HR is on the podcast dropping practical tips for making your career shine.

Why financial success should be a priority for every woman

Why Financial Success Should Be A Priority For Every Woman

Money is something that we think and talk about every day. For many women, thinking about money can be stressful. Very stressful. But financial success should be a priority for every woman, here’s why.


Introducing the Afri-Gens @Work Docu-Series

For decades African immigrants have been wondering and questioning how their children will turn out in this foreign land. The years of answers are upon us. Introducing AfriGens @Work…

This Afropolitan Life

The Hard Work of Self-Work

It’s mid year and for many people, the mid-year slump has begun. Work starts to suffer and life is just ‘meh.’ Do you embrace the hard-work of self-work during this time…or just move on to the next distraction?

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back to school advice

Foolproof Advice on Back-to-school, Motherhood & Family for AfriGen moms

None of our families look like whatever hit Cosby Show-like family-centered sitcom is on TV at the moment. But here’s some smart advice to help you figure out your own way as we prepare for back-to-school and back-to-work.

golden egg

The Pressures of being the Golden Egg

The moment our parents left Africa to forge a new life in the West, we became their golden eggs (you know, that figurative nest egg that guarantees financial security). Even though this expectation is prevalent in our culture, the pressure is even more on this side of the pond. How do you handle the pressure?

how to bounce back after a screw up at work

Getting Back Up After a Screw-Up At Work

You just screwed up on an assignment. Your manager just gave you some direct negative feedback about your performance. How do you bounce back at work?

Soft Skills for the technical-know-how AfriGen

Soft Skills for the ‘Technical-Know-How’ AfriGen

Foundational soft skills to master for the ‘technical-know-how’ AfriGen who wants to move up at work and in life.


So you want to learn how to network. But are you interesting?

There’s an art to effective networking. Ditch the generic advice on networking and read on to learn the secret ingredients to doing it the right way.

returning to the office after tragic events tips for black professionals

Returning to work after tragic events

Not All Protests Take Place in the Streets. Returning to work after tragic events; some tips on what not to do and what to say.

10 TED Talks for the career focused African woman

Ten TED Talks for the Career Focused Afri-Gen

Sometimes we need reminders of our Jollof-powered potential. Here are 10 TAL-approved career inspiring TED Talks to help you through the workweek.


Reconnect with What Makes You Happy

Now that it’s officially summer, our blazers and wool office attire have been pushed to the back of the closet. We can all agree that summertime is about being a little less hurried—especially since tons of folks are in and…

notes from HR on This Afropolitan Life

Notes from HR now on This Afropolitan Life

Notes from HR has a new home at This Afropolitan Life. TAL’s new career column will be delving into topics and conversations concerning AfriGens in the workplace.


First Gens

For the first time in my adult life, I am witnessing first generation Africans flourish in America. When I look at my social media feed, I see dynamic pictures of African entrepreneurs, thought leaders, artists, doctors, students, models all pursing…

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Don’t Take the Exit

I recently celebrated a significant birthday. One of those birthday years that make you feel old, but at the same time makes you realize that you are a badass because you have accomplished some major stuff. Rather than focus on…


Why you should be at the next SheHive conference and 6 tips to make the most of it.

A few reasons you should be at the next SheHive conference, and I’m not even being biased.

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Is Your LinkedIn Profile Picture a Selfie?

I look at your LinkedIn profile before you come in for an interview. And I am not alone. Most recruiters and hiring managers do a cursory LinkedIn lookup to prep for an interview. We look at your profile pic and…


Negotiating for What You are Worth

Most people, but especially women and minorities, aren’t very good at negotiating a good starting salary. For some, negotiating a salary and asking for more money is a hand-wringing, sweaty palm, stuttering mess of a process. It’s natural to be…

sheleadsAfrica-Afua Osei

African Women & the African Economy: A chat with Afua Osei, co-founder of SheLeadsAfrica. [Podcast]

What does the return home in search of economic opportunity look like for African women in the diaspora and on the continent? Can women build viable careers unhindered? Afua Osei co-founder of She Leads Africa kicks it on the podcast.

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Do you have a career brand?

What is career brand? Your career brand is your identity at work. It is what you are known for and what makes you memorable. Additionally, it is a promise of the value you have to offer to your colleagues and…

Firstgenners at work

How growing up African shaped my career: key qualities that make immigrant children successful at work

What are some key qualities that make those of us who grew up in an African household successful at work? Janet Asante from Notes from HR guest posts and breaks it down for us.


Six Reasons Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

The honest truth about why you may be struggling with your manager in the first place.

Managing the Freelance Life: This Afropolitan Life on She Leads Africa

Practical Tips for Managing the Freelance Life [Video]

So you wanna live the freelance life? Watch my webinar on Managing the Freelance Life hosted by She Leads Africa.

career tips for black managers

Tips for Being a Respected Manager

Put some respeck on my skills: Tips for being a respected manager. Shoot for 5 of these 10 tips and you’ll be well on your way to being a respected manager.


Show up at Work

Definition of showing up: bringing all of your positive energy, warmth, attention and sense of passion to a given situation. I’ve seen talented employees lose a lot of ground because of their inability to bring a sense of personality, passion,…


How to Spring Clean your Career

It’s spring! You’ve cleaned out the closet, the junk drawer and the food splattered oven…but what about your career? What’s a career spring cleaning? Janet from Notes from HR breaks it down…


Job Search Tips for 2016 College Grads

College graduation is around the corner for 2016 grads, and March is a perfect time to kick your job search into gear if you haven’t already started. March is a great time to start your career search for two key…


On Living A Purpose-Driven Life. Check out My Feature on Unraveling the Mind

“Purpose takes a while to find because we have to live long enough to notice our habits and preferences. When we notice what our friends ask of us all the time, the little things people come to us for, the things that we love to do without getting paid for…that’s purpose.”