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teaching young kids about slavery

Gentle ways to teach young kids about Slavery in America

Our goal is to raise clever, confident people and the foundation for that is truth, no matter how painful. Here are some fun resources to get the job done.

mom cave and home library

Mom Caves and Happy Places: African Literature inspired design

My happy place? It’s part mom cave, part home library. Check out how I created my favorite bookshop at home.

Book Review: Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor

Book Review: Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor [Video]

I’ve talked before on the podcast about my little collection of books I’m saving for my daughters, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry will be in it. Check out my quick book review on why you should own this classic.

9 websites that make me smarter as a black millennial

10 smart websites for smart African millennials (in America)

Where do you get your news? Social media? Here are 10 smart websites (and news sources) for smart African millennials in America.

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backyard family photos

6 Ways to Still Save Money When You Have Children

Children impact finances in a major way. Check out some tips from Bola Sokunbi on how to keep a little more in your pocket, even with kids.


The Minimalist Mindset for Career and Life Success

What is minimalism and how can it help you in your career? Check out the latest post from our resident AfriGen career columnist.

The vegan journey with Nana Konamah

The Vegan Journey with Nana Konamah [Podcast]

African and vegan (or somewhat health conscious)? This podcast is for you.

homegoing - 1

Book Review: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi [Video]

Here’s why you should pick up Yaa Gyasi’s debut novel, Homegoing. Share your thoughts on the novel in the comments if you’ve read it.

A beginners guide to hot steamy sex in African literature

A Beginner’s Guide to Steamy Sex in African Literature

A Beginner’s Guide to Steamy Sex in African Literature compiled exclusively for This Afropolitan Life!

Zahrah Nesbitt Ahmed BookShyBooks

Read, Summer ’16 with Zahrah Nesbitt-Ahmed from BookShyBooks [Podcast]

Fellow Afrolit page-slayer, Zahrah Nesbitt Ahmed discusses what’s on her summer ’16 Afrolit booklist. Listen as founder of BookshyBooks and I kick it on the podcast and geek out over African lit.

lemonade review - 2

TAL Bookclub sips on Beyonce’s Lemonade [Podcast]

Are we sipping on Beyonce’s lemonade or drinking her damn bath water? TAL book club has a candid conversation about Lemonade and the state of black girl magic in this special podcast episode.

eclipsed on Broadway

TAL Book Club Reviews Eclipsed on Broadway

Would you rather be secure as a sex slave to a powerful warlord, or have to pimp yourself to control your destiny and keep up with the illusion of independence and power? The TAL book club reviews Eclipsed on Broadway starring Lupita Nyong’o.

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Persuading African tastebuds to go Vegan

When you want to go vegan but the smoked turkey keeps calling your name. The secret to conquering your cravings and going vegan.


Book Review: Powder Necklace by Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond [Video]

Looking for your next good read. That’s what my video book reviews are for. Check out my review of Powder Necklace by Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond.

12 books for your reading list

Author Nana Ekua Brew Hammond shares her top 12

Author Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond shares the top books that shaped her perspective and brought her full circle to seeing how the black experience in Africa and the black experience in America are parallel. Add these titles to your must-read list for smart African women:

nana ekua brew hammond on this afropolitan life podcast

African literature and labeling ‘the African experience’ with Powder Necklace author Nana Ekua Brew Hammond [podcast]

“Am I an African writer because I’m African or because I write about Africa and the African experience? Who gets to be called an African writer? Author Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond and I kick it on the podcast. Take a listen.

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Dine Diaspora: Dish & Sip

As someone who’s always looking for the backstory about African traditions, I was immediately intrigued by the wealth of knowledge Michael Twitty presented about the history of African food at Dine Diaspora’s debut Dish & Sip Event.

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Photo on 2-29-16 at 10.22 AM

Every Day Is For the Thief by Teju Cole [Video]

In Every Day Is for the Thief, Teju Cole makes us feel the deep rooted love we have for where we’re from—because home will always be where our souls are—but he also sparks compelling discourse for why we may never be able to actually live there.

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How to eat vegan in Africa

Vegan in Ghana

Traveling while vegan can be a challenge, especially international travel because there’s only so much TSA will allow you to pass through security.

1Getting Started in African Literature

100 Must-Read Books For Smart African Women

There are the books you read, and then there are the books that change your life. We can all look back on the books that have shaped our perspective on politics, religion, money, and love.


A Simple Vegan Dinner Party

In honor of my bookclub’s 3rd anniversary, I hosted my first all-vegan dinner party to surprise everyone. I’ve had dreams of hosting a traditional, sit-down dinner at my dining table; not the typical, serve-and-seat-yourself type of affair. Since becoming totally committed to staying on…

switching up the menu

Switching up the Vegan menu with Thug Kitchen: Cookbook Review

One thing I know for sure, is if I want to stay on a healthy, vegan track, I need to keep things interesting. To keep things interesting, I need to cook at home. I own about eight vegan cookbooks–most of them by…

chickpea - 1

My favorite quick, vegan chickpea salad: Go-to meal for when I need something healthy in a pinch

One of the pillars of a healthy, vegan lifestyle is meal-planning. You can stay on a healthy vegan track without planning your meals. Planning can be as simple as having a shortlist of quick meals you can go to when…

afropolitan autumn wishlist 2015

This & That No. 10: An Afropolitan Autumn Wishlist

It’s officially Autumn, and I have a few things on my home wishlist to spruce up the place a little. There’s nothing like an Autumn fresh flower arrangement, a cute little wreath and some spiced African Red tea to make me feel…

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Veganizing Soul food; food that feeds the soul

Editors Note: This post was originally published in October, 2011. I was pregnant, with crazy heartburn. Despite my pregnancy cravings being long gone, I still feel the same way about Vegan Soul Food–and Palm oil. 

3 food bloggers you should follow on IG

This & That No. 8: 3 Food Bloggers who rock my Instagram Timeline

This week’s This & That is dedicated to the foodie mavens who rock my iG timeline. What?! These food bloggers inspire me, check them out! @Veganista_Stockholm Plantbased always • Gluten & sugar free as much as possible • Amy is an…


Vegan in NYC

Since I’m in NYC, I’m reposting this (originally posted April 2014) as it has some of my favorite NYC restaurants. Hopefully, I’ll find new spots on this trip. Can’t wait to share, in the meantime, read about the time I…


5 key farmers market produce every African cook needs to stock up on for winter

Most African homes have a deep freezer in the garage. It it’s mostly stocked with wholesale goat meat, beef, hens for soup, gizzards, fish, smoked turkeys…I used to think being vegan spared me from the extra freezer space necessity, but…

african vegans

African Vegans: Making the transition

This is a followup post to Africans–natural vegans Part I and Part II.  As I mentioned in Part II, I was already vegetarian for a while, which pretty much dictated what we at at home. I already wasn’t cooking meat-heavy meals,…


Sierra Leone Style Ginger Beer; a healthy African alternative.

Last weekend I sipped on some homemade ginger beer at my aunt’s funeral. It brought back memories from my carefree childhood. Bintu from recipes from a pantry shared her memories of the refreshing west african drink and her recipe. I don’t…

African and Vegan: why white sugar must be avoided at all costs

Why white sugar must be avoided at all cost.

White sugar is sweet, delicious, good tasting and a dangerous concentrated sweeter. White sugar is a refined carbohydrate and is technically classified as a drug. It takes four pancreases to process white sugar. Humans have one pancreas. White sugar stresses the pancreas,…

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juice fast and detoxification

So you want to do a juice fast?

I love spring cleaning because I get to toss out everything cluttering my space. This year, in addition to bagging up a quarter of of my home’s contents, I decluttered my gut and completed my first juice fast–ever. Quite an…


Discussion: My Brother by Jamaica Kincaid

Some describe Jamaica Kincaid as an angry writer. I see her as poetically observant and intense. Unfortunately, many observant and intense personalities are relegated to sleep under the “angry” blanket. Jamaica, too. I really enjoy her poetic style of observing things and…

olaudah equiano

February Book Club Selection

Inspired by my recent trip to Savannah, Georgia and Black history month, I’m reading The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano aka Gustavus Vassa, the African. His picture on the upper right corner of this history marker on…

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ThisAfropolitanLifeBookclub Jamaica Kincaid

January Book Club Selection

I know it’s late, but this is what we’re reading here on the blog for the month of January. I really like the way Jamaica Kincaid writes; very poetic. Well, this is the second book from this author that I…

Black and african veganism

Black Vegan Voices; resources for African Vegans

Eating plant-based is more than what I eat. It’s about a holistic way of looking at my physical, mental and spiritual being. There are tons of vegan cookbooks and other vegan health books but I could never really find resources on…

top 3 consciousness-elevating books in African Literature

My Top 3 African & African-American books for young adults

Last week I talked about how I became a fan of African lit. African literature has changed my perspective on my values, my politics, and my identity as an African woman living in the west. I’ve read so much fiction and non-fiction,…

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vegan african dessert

Vegan African fruit Salad (aka Ambrosia salad) Recipe

One of my favorite dishes at African parties is the “Fruit salad.” You know, the one with the diced fruit cocktail (usually from a can), heavy cream, sour cream, and marshmallows, topped with coconut flakes… Yeaaah…THAT one! Well, I veganized…

Zenzele African literature

This Afropolitan Life Book Club: December Selection

  “Each one, teach one”—an African American proverb I don’t have a “100% vegan” label stuck to my forehead anymore, for various reasons, but I am a 100% believer in the power of a plant-based diet. My path from veg-curious,…

African Egusi, egusi nutrition

Consider: Egusi

The Plant Kingdom is full of tiny miracles… Ever since getting an allergy test, and learning that I am allergic to many vegan staples including nuts and soy, I’ve had to get creative or simply go without. I’ve also, leaned…

celebrate Milestones in Style

Weekending-“Dirty Thirty” Champagne Birthday Party

This weekend was the anticipated birthday party. It was a BLAST. I had close friends and family there, nothing big, but fun, fitting of a thirtieth birthday party. Here are some photos from the night: There’s nothing better than having…

Champagne party at home, home decor, gallery wall, living room

Weekending-Party Prep

Live a little. Plan that party, Celebrate! Pop. Fizz. Clink. That’s the theme of my champagne party I’m throwing for my 30th birthday. I’m extremely excited because this is my first adult party…ever. The last birthday I celebrated was my…

Smithsonian visit with kids

Flashback Friday: art is all around you

Today I reminisce about my passion for Art. I’m not an artist, but I love being around art, and artist-types. I also enjoy collecting art. One day, I’ll have enough pieces to really have an impressive collection. Really good art…

African vegan vegetarian cuisine curry and rice

Everything you eat has an effect

Know that, everything you eat has an effect; good or bad… My eating habits have been very lax over the last year and I’ve resolved to fix it. I think this time I will achieve my goal. I’m very proud…

meditating in the desert

Vegas? Check!

I got to Vegas on Thursday. I stepped off the airplane and spotted slot machines in the terminal as I made my way to the ladies room. “This will be interesting,” I thought. Hotel lobbies on the strip are fluid…

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Book review: Voice of America by E.C. Osondu

Just finished this gem. I’ve had my head in some interesting books this summer. The blog has suffered for this, but, I’m enjoying the break. Voice of America is a book of short stories by a very talented writer; E.C….


Tapas Tactics

It’s funny how Olivia won’t let me cut up bell peppers (or red onions!) in peace. She snacks on them like I’ve never seen a toddler do before. This almost-two-year old is not picky. Neither is her sister, so throwing…


Vegan Scones and houseguests

I’m never eating another Panera Bread scone again! Have u ever had a real scone? I mean one not glazed over with sugar glaze? Straight out of the oven homemade scones taste AMAZING! Even better when they’re vegan. My 4…

African & Vegan; simple food, meal planning and food allergies

Simple Food, Meal Planning, and Food Allergies

A heavy summer storm passed though our neighborhood today. Just before we decided to take a walk, I stepped out the front door and saw beautiful dark clouds. We stayed on the front porch and watched the rain instead. I’ve…


Room makeovers, thrifted goodness, and Gone again

I pulled my dining room together! My mantra was to use the path of least expense, so I “shopped” around the house for things I could use to ground my powder blue dining room. I ended up spending $60 for…

An African City explores veganism

Foodie Friday: Returnees in “An African City” explore African veganism and vegetarianism

Young, highly educated Africans are returning back to their home countries in droves. Affectionately called “returnees,” they are building and rebuilding entire industries and alleviating the brain drain Africa has faced for decades. Science, government, tech industries are thriving, global…

vegan african dishes

Africans—natural vegans? Part II

Should Africans go vegan? My vegetarian journey led to veganism mainly because I preferred the black and white rules. There was no gray area; no animals; or their secretions, period. I became vegan thanks in large part by listening to Vegetarian Food…

African & Vegan-my story

Africans—natural vegans? My vegan journey

I first fell in love with vegetarianism sophomore year in college. That summer, I remember telling my cousin Janet I had become vegetarian and she scoffed out a pessimistic “…mmm hm” (as in, “whatever you say, girl.”). She had heard…


Using Pinterest to get back on the vegan wagon

I’m up between 2 and 7am every night. Sometimes for 2 hours, sometimes for the whole stretch so what do I do? Pin on Pintrest! Pintrest is this awesome website where you can pin all the things you like or…


Starting out in African Literature

Contemporary African fiction is a relatively new discovery for me. Fiction, in general, has never interested me as much as non-fiction lit.


Vegan Donuts, and Nesting Superpowers

This is me at 28 weeks. The perfect S shape (big belly, big butt). I had clothes on in this picture believe it or not. I was up early and caught my silhouette in the mirror, neat huh? I’m in…

toastedcoconutvegan coconut bacon

Ordinary Days and Vegan Eats

The weather these past couple of days have kept us outside. Just the way I like it. Somebody even got to take her tricycle out for a ride. She could pedal all by herself—downhill. She still working on steering so…

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Homemaking with white linens

Can you smell that? Fresh white linens and lavender. I love the look of white on white on white…linens, on beds, in bathrooms…it looks clean, simple and fresh. I used to fall into the trap of seasonal linens; they look…


What I Ate Wednesday: Black Eyed Pea Gumbo

Breakfast: Pear Banana Avocado Smoothie Dinner: The YUMMIEST Black Eyed Pea Gumbo. I had 4 small bowls before dinner. lol I licked the bowl clean. Had four of these suckers, BEFORE dinner! Couldn’t stop myself. Then hubby came home and…

What I ate Wednesday

What I ate Wednesday

Lunch: Homemade Veggie Sub with cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, spinach, hot peppers, with basalmic vinegar and vegan garlic mayo over warm crusty bread. Yum!


Vegan gardening & composting

Last summer I did pretty well with a small herb garden on my shaded balcony. Actually, my last year my mint plant was attacked by aphids, I hope to be more diligent this year, since I know what to look…

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Brown Vegan Tomato Clementine Salad

Vegan Eats: Tomato Clementine Salad

The minute I saw this Tomato Clementine Salad on Brown Vegan I itched to try it. There’s nothing special about it, but I guess that’s what made it so appealing. The simplicity of it made it seem exotic to me….

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homemade vegan pizza

Vegan Eats: Homemade Vegan Pizza

Today, I made some homemade pizza dough for the first time. Our spinach, basil pesto, tomato and olive pizza came out really well. I had lots of help, of course. 😉

mushroom and pappardelle soup

Mushroom and Pappardelle Soup with Gremolata

I saw this recipe in a magazine and decided to veganize it at home. It came out pretty good and it photographs amazingly.

sticky Fingers cupcakes

Sticky Fingers’ Sweets Book

See these delicious cupcakes? They are from my favorite vegan bakery Sticky Fingers. These yummy treats are the moistest, most flavorful, cupcakes I’ve ever had. Coveted by vegans and non-vegan cupcake lovers everywhere. So when the bakery owner came out…

baby eats gazpacho

Weird vegan stuff my kid eats

Sometimes when I make something I think Ellie won’t eat, she proves me wrong. She eats the weirdest things: Some gazpacho soup that I found disgusting. She gobbled it up! A yummy spinach, mushroom and potato wrap. Who knew she could…


Cool Vegan Website

Happy New Year!!!! Start your healthiest year with a vegan meal. Sure, black eyed peas are traditional and vegan, but try something new. Maybe one day, one of my vegan eats will make it on here. In the mean time,…

Cooking on clover lane mexican pizza

Vegan Mexican Pizzas

Adapted from Cooking On Clover Lane, Veganized by me. I’ve been in a culinary rut, so I decided to research and add some new dishes to the mix. I came across this simple and quick recipe on Cooking on Clover…

Trader Joe's meals

Spicy Teriyaki Noodles with Scallions

Simple and fast meal. 5 ingredients, BIG flavor. Luckily, we have a Trader Joe’s near and these two ingredients are staples in my pantry. Heat 3 tablespoons 100% Olive Oil (extra virgin olive oil is not supposed to be heated)in…


2011 Ornaments; A Family Holiday Tradition

Since Evans and I started on this journey together, I’ve collected christmas tree ornaments that signify something special on our path. Like our wedding, our first pregnancy, some trips we’ve taken and completing grad school. Since motherhood, I’ve collected on…

African food and mexican food fusion, vegan chili nachos

Leftover Jellof Rice…?

…Make Mexican food! Here we have jellof rice sprinkled over vege chili, a basic salsa mixture (chopped tomatoes, red onions, cilantro and a dash of salt, black pepper and fresh lemon juice), and chopped avocados sitting on a bed of…


Antique Table Makeover

Went to my first estate sale last week and snagged this beauty for $35. Centsational Girl helped me take it from ordinary to fab! Thanks Centational Girl! Antique Thomasville Chair Company table brush painted Forest Moss from Benjamin Moore.

Peach-Pecan Muffins-Becoming Yedei

Vegan Peach-Pecan Muffins

Made some delicious vegan Peach-Pecan Muffins for breakfast, with some fresh peaches that arrived in my CSA basket this week. I substituted walnuts for pecans, and they turned out great. They were a hit! I’m grateful for Compassionate Cooks, I…

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CSA produce delivered - becoming yedei

Eating Fresh Locally with a CSA

We get farm fresh fruits and veggies delivered to our door every Tuesday morning, compliments of our CSA. I’m grateful for the opportunity to eat fresh and locally. The ripe abundance of summer’s bounty nourishes my veggie lovin’ soul. I’m…

End-of-Week Veggie Goulash

End-of-Week Veggie Goulash

Have you ever thrown all your odds and ends, leftover fresh vegetables into a pot at the end of the week? Who cares how it turns out (it usually turns out pretty good), it all ends up in the same…


Putting my best vegan foot forward

I just bought my first pair of vegan shoes; a pair of really Cute clogs and I’m not even a clog person! I got them from Alternative Outfitters, an online vegan boutique I found through Compassionate Cooks. Not only are…


Summer Reading

How did I get myself in this predicament. I promised myself I wouldn’t get into any other books until after I finished my Photoshop Missing Manual Book. Here I am,  reading three books at the same time. I have six…


Vegan Eats: Roasted Potatoes & Vege Stew


Vege Eats: Basil Pesto and Artichoke Tortellini with Bruchetta Garlic Bread

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Vegan Eats: Roasted & Jerked Sweet Potatoes with Squash Goulash

The squash goulash is a recipe I just threw together…it tasted great!  I put in fresh baby spinach, yellow summer squash, tomatoes, kidney beans and whatever else I had in the fridge. Then I had leftover squash goulash on a…


Decor Update: Telescope Lamp

I have a new addition to my creative space a.k.a. home office What do you think?


Vegan Eats: Naan Bread Pizza


Vegan Eats: Mango Smoothie

Mmmm…yummy! I made this with frozen Mango and pineapple chunks I bought from Trader Joe’s, some raspberry sorbet I bought from there too, and rice milk. It made for a nutritious breakfast. Oh! I placed my fruit basket by the…


Vegan Eats: Bruchetta

Vegan Eats: Bruchetta


First Fitness Challenge

I’m exercising again, and it feels soooo good. Although, its only been a day, the 30 day shred is kicking my ass. I tell you, it looks easy, but it ain’t. I have made a commitment to do a different…


Vegan Eats: Lentil Loaf (Meat Loaf)

I had some leftover lentil loaf (Think meatloaf made of lentils and extra firm tofu) for lunch with some decadent french bread and fresh avocado slices. Recipe adapted (and slightly altered) from The Vegan Table. Additional resources: The Vegan Table…


Sunday Breakfast: French Toast Vegan Style

This morning I woke up craving IHOP’s french toast with a side of turkey bacon–damn pregnancy hormones! Evans refuses to indulge in my non-vegan cravings anymore (he’s vowed to be vegan for 30 days to get back on the vegan…


Living Simply: Baby Nursery

I’ve been on this kick to live within my means. So hubby and I decided against looking for bigger space to accommodate a nursery for Ellie–After all, how much room (and gear) does a baby really need, right? I was…


Ode to NaturallyJanetEats: My Vegan Lunch

I’ve was vegan before starting on this pregnant with Ellie. I miss that lifestyle and can’t wait to get back to it (It’s been really hard for me to keep from eating animals lol–don’t ask me why). However, I’ve been…

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Eating Animals Book

Labels, Choices, and Veganism

I’m learning the detriment of labels. I subconciously get caught up in the labels of things and concepts. Before we got preganant I was vegan for a little less than a year. What did that mean for me? I got…

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emerging African artists "fortify" by artist Dawn Okoro

Collect lovely Art

Happy Birthday to me!!! I turn 25 today. I couldn’t have gotten a better present; Ev got me a signed print of my favorite art piece from  artist Dawn Okoro. Yes indeedy, I’m getting the “Fortify” print numbered and signed…


Simply Living

I came across Rachel @ Small Notebook. I was so happy to see someone writing abot the joys and trials of making an apartment a home. I also admire her tenacity for living simply and has inspired me to do…