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Blacksonian - 3

A Stop on the Underground Railroad

The day I drove 50 miles into what seemed like the middle of nowhere to visit the Milton House; a historic inn which doubled as a stop on the underground railroad.

NMAAHC Blacksonian

The ‘Blacksonian’, a.k.a. The National Museum of African American History and Culture

Turns out visiting the ‘Blacksonian’ with the kids isn’t so bad. We spent a day at the National Museum of African American History and Culture with the kids you might want to too…

cape Town, south africa

Cape Town; we DID that!

Our visit to Cape Town, South Africa was epic. We only had 3 days in that city but we made the most of it and we WILL be back. There was much to ooh and aah at, but a lot to ponder as well…

zulu dancers

Visit Durban, South Africa

South Africa topped my list of places to visit. I don’t know how any other country we visit will compare to the natural beauty BOMBSHELL that is South Africa. First stop, Durban.

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Dine Diaspora - 1

Weekending: ChopBarDC with Dine Diaspora

I’m a foodie at heart. Well no, I’m an African food foodie, which is why when Dine Diaspora has a pop up food event, I show up. A quick recap of #ChopBarDC

Philly murals

Mommy retreat: Philly

What happens when you give me 36 hours in Philly? It gets squandered walking through the city of brotherly love stopping in at Philly’s notable places of African-African American history.

MaameAdjei Girl Going Places

Traveling through Africa with Maame Adjei #GirlGoingPlaces [Podcast]

Actress and producer Maame Adjei joins us on the podcast again to talk about her new travel show Girl Going Places. We cover everything, from how to build a An African travel itinerary to the politics, economics, and misconceptions of traveling Africa.

Am I the Experience - 9

#TheAMIExperience Recap

TAL was at the AM I Experience at Avery’s DC…check out the recap and a list of other upcoming TAL Approved events on our new events page.

eclipsed on Broadway

TAL Book Club Reviews Eclipsed on Broadway

Would you rather be secure as a sex slave to a powerful warlord, or have to pimp yourself to control your destiny and keep up with the illusion of independence and power? The TAL book club reviews Eclipsed on Broadway starring Lupita Nyong’o.

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GWB Ball 2016 This Afropolitan Life - 1 (1)

Weekending: The GWB Ball

Weekending Recap: The GWB Ball, all the DMV’s African style, and glamor under the Filmore’s roof.

Pittsburg - 5


Authentic ramen noodles, steel buildings, old American muscle and a skilled labor kinda vibe. A little snippet of our 2-day visit in Pittsburgh.


Dine Diaspora: Dish & Sip

As someone who’s always looking for the backstory about African traditions, I was immediately intrigued by the wealth of knowledge Michael Twitty presented about the history of African food at Dine Diaspora’s debut Dish & Sip Event.

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surf at Busia Beach Ghana - 1 (1)

Surfing in Ghana

I crossed ‘learn to surf’ off my bucket list when I visited Busia beach in Ghana. We made our way from Cape Coast to Busia Beach, around the point where Ghana ends and Ivory Coast begins. The road was nice and…

How to eat vegan in Africa

Vegan in Ghana

Traveling while vegan can be a challenge, especially international travel because there’s only so much TSA will allow you to pass through security.


Elmina, Ghana

On my recent trip to Ghana, I spent a luxurious week in my hometown, Elmina


St. Thomas vs. St. John? Which Island is Worth Your Time?

Planning a trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands? St. Thomas vs. St. John, which one is worth your time? Here’s our experience maybe it’ll help you plan.

Local Restaurants in St. Thomas - blog

Local favorites in St. Thomas Virgin Islands

While in the Virgin Islands, Ev and I were desperately on the hunt for local grub. We tried everything to find out where the locals eat.

U.S. Virgin Islands

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands has picture perfect beauty. Truly, pictures don’t do it justice. I marveled at the water’s different shades of blue and turquoise from my window seat view as we descended from the air. I don’t remember Puerto Rico’s shores…

Yellow Card

Why I got the Yellow Fever Vaccine and finally obtained a Yellow card

Arriving at Kotoka International Airport in Ghana worried me because I planned on travelling without a yellow card. All my years traveling to Ghana I don’t remember ever having problems traveling without it. Obtaining a yellow fever shot fed my…

adrián gomez Art

Packing and Organizing Tips for Families with Kids

[Image Via] Organizing family vacations with children can sometimes be quite stressful. Whether you travel by bus, train or plain the trip will take its toll on the little one. To pack and organise a family trip takes lots of…

Why traveling with kids is good for you

Why traveling with kids is good for you

I posted some exciting photographs of our time in New York City with the kids. It’s was exciting and adventurous, but I want to remind myself that some days were spent like this: Children set the pace for how fast…

NYC - 17 (1)

The Best, Easiest, and Affordable Way to Explore NYC with kids

The best way to really get a feel for a new city is to just walk the streets, and put open and free parks on your itinerary. If you make it to a tourist trap or two, great—but seldom make those places the…

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Weekending: The girlfriends hit DC in celebration of Zee’s upcoming wedding

Last weekend, my bookclub buddies, a.k.a. the girlfriends, had a little surprise bridal brunch for Zainab, who’s getting married labor day weekend. I can’t wait to witness her exchange her vows, this weekend. Until then, I’ll just post this as…


Vegan in NYC

Since I’m in NYC, I’m reposting this (originally posted April 2014) as it has some of my favorite NYC restaurants. Hopefully, I’ll find new spots on this trip. Can’t wait to share, in the meantime, read about the time I…

vacay - 1

How to Plan a Family Vacation

When it comes to family travel, I’m the meticulous planner, Ev is not. In fact he chides me for being overly planned for a trip. “Let’s be spontaneous. We’ll have more fun that way.” “You’re planning the fun out of…

Talking Family Travel on This Afropolitan Life

NYC with kids & Ev and I chat about family travel

We are in NYC for a few weeks. I love NYC, and I’m super excited about being in the city with my girls and Ev. It was on my bucket list of places to visit with the fam, and now we…

NYC with kids

Off to NYC!

  We are off to NYC for a few weeks!

avoiding junk experiences and cultivating worthwhile ones

How to avoid junk experiences

Junk experiences are like junk food; they excite the senses, but provide zero value. An experience is something or an activity we take in with our five senses. So junk can enter our consciousness through what we eat, see, touch, taste…

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Weekending; 7th Annual Baffour Soccer Tournament and Sankofa Cafe

  Kicked off the weekend at the 7th annual Baffour Soccer Tournament and West African Community Collaborative community forum. It was a very fun event! It’s always nice to see the West African Community get together, this time for a…

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drink the District DCheader

Weekending: Red, White & Brew festival | Drink the District, DC

It’s Monday, and Im home coddling sniffling babies. Summer colds suck, but this weekend was a blast. This is our second time at the Drink the District festival in DC. We have so much fun with our friends Mary and…

Travel Africa, tour Dakar

Dakar is always a good idea

The sky is overcast and gray but calm. A perfect day to be on a plane, purse full of glossies and caramel candies, headed someplace far away and exotic. Someplace like Dakar. Dakar, Senegal is a vibrant and dizzying city perched…

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air and space museum

Kid-friendly museums: National Air and Space Museum

We made it to another kid-friendly Smithsonian museum, the National Air and Space museum: So far, we’ve been to the National museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian. The girls loved the little bit we saw (that museum is huge,…

Charleston City Market

Charleston, South Carolina

When I produced Runway Africa in 2007, a friend of mine gave me a little gift. It was a note pad made with banana leaves. It sits pretty on my desk right beside my keyboard. I would like to frame it…

Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney world Orlando

Disney World!

…Her reaction after we told her we were going to Disney World…priceless! City Guide: Orlando 1. Eat We ate at Q’Kenan in Orlando. It’s a little Venezuelan Mom and Pop joint that serves yummy, fresh, dishes. The vibe is kid-friendly…


Historical Savannah, Georgia in a day

Savannah was the highlight of the trip for me. I can’t wait to go back and explore the city some more. The history, the bearded trees (Old Oak trees covered in Spanish Moss), the broad brick sidewalks, the food, the…

our stress free roadtrip adventure with kids

4 cities, 1 week, 2 small children. Road Trip 2015

In 2013 we successfully road tripped to Myrtle Beach with the girls. A well-planned 5 hour trip that didn’t leave us zapped of energy afterwards. We stayed in Myrtle Beach around Christmas and it was the most relaxing trip I can…

zora, langston and kindred spirits

Weekending: Zora, Langston, & A lesson learned

My weekend started on Thursday night with my tribe a.k.a. the bookclub ladies. My friend Nana was in the States from Ghana for a brief visit, so we used the occasion to visit Eatonville, a restaurant in D.C. dedicated to the…

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Weekending: Thanksgiving 2014 with family and Nubian Hueman.

We put up the Christmas tree We spent Thanksgiving day at Ev’s mom’s home. It was warm, and joyful; love surrounded us all as we ate and spent time together. Even my brother came through all the way from Maryland….

On turning 30

Simple pleasures: A day at the museum

Honestly, 30 isn’t that bad. It feels like 29. I hear gravity sneaks up on you in the next decade, so I’ll save the hyperventilating for now. There are a few goals I have for myself for this decade though: 1….

Historic Fredericksburg

Weekend-ing: Halloween, a tea party, and Downtown Fredericksburg adventures

Unlike last year, this year’s festivities took place in our own neighborhood. What made the occasion particularly fun was having our friends join us! Mary, Bobby and their little boy Jay, came over to trick-or-treat with us. They brought a…

meditating in the desert

Vegas? Check!

I got to Vegas on Thursday. I stepped off the airplane and spotted slot machines in the terminal as I made my way to the ladies room. “This will be interesting,” I thought. Hotel lobbies on the strip are fluid…

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DC Natural History Museum

Weekending—Art is all around me

  Visit your city’s musuems… I should’ve been an art history major. Sometimes, in my dreams, I’m that sexy African Art / African literature professor with funky style, elegant locked hair, and an office full of books about Africa. Wait—that’s kinda…

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kid friendly museums in Northern VA, DC

A fun-filled week

So proud of myself for finishing the throw pillows I set out to make this week. Me, all by myself, hauling around two babies, and I still managed to get it done. BAM! I like how they turned out. The…

planning for family adventure

When the man’s away…

The girls and I play! It’s been an eventful couple of weeks since I decided to explore the town with the girls. Until recently, I dreaded leaving the house alone with two children in tow. I guess I’m finally getting…


Week-ending—Erykah Badu In Concert

Breakfast on the deck Endured “knock, knock” Jokes Missed a graduation, but made it to the grad party. Spent time with family Ellie got her hair done, finally! Ev cut my hair, finally! Saw Erykah Badu in concert! Missed selling…

African Wax Print Fabric

The things we brought back from Ghana

***Read posts 1 & 2 about our trip to Ghana ** When it comes to my home, I have this terrible habit of starting projects, getting overwhelmed and then quitting altogether. I’m a perfectionist, and I want to be able…

historical africans

The people we met-Ghana 2014

***Read posts 1 & 3 about our trip to Ghana ** Every time I asked Ev how he found Ghana, he gave me a generic response, “it’s cool.” I wished he’d give me more. But I didn’t push. One evening,…


Where we visited in Ghana

We visited Accra, Cape Coast, and Kumasi on this trip to Ghana (Can you tell I’m planning future trips already? Hahah!) Accra has changed so much since the last time I was there. It’s a busy, bustling city with modern…

Republic Lounge Ghana

We’re Baaack! #Ghana2014

We made it back from Ghana in one piece. Can’t wait to share the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Puerto Rico

Can you tell how ready I am for warmer weather? This winter has been absolutely dreadful. We’ve had snow storm after sleet storm, followed up by more snow. We get teased with sixty degree weather for a few days, all…

This Afropolitan Life in Paris

Throwback Thursday: Paris

There was my life before Paris… Then there is my life after Paris. Paris rocked my world. Unlike the other trips I’ve written about so far on this blog, my trip to Paris was an extended stay. I stayed for…

Thoughts on Travel

Travel and Adventure—my thoughts

I’m a homebody with a deep-rooted adventurous side. Yes, I live a bit of an oxymoronic life in this regards. Life is built upon a unique sequence of ‘before and afters,’ much like DNA is made up of a unique set of…


Throwback Thursday: Myrtle Beach

I was sleeping on Myrtle Beach—figuratively, at first, and then literally. And we loved it! First off, last december I was dreading this trip. A trip’s a trip, right? Well, I wasn’t too keen on the timing of this scheduled…

Vacation in Chile

Throwback Thursday: Vina Del Mar / Valparaiso, Chile

I’m itching for a change of scenery. So what better way to satisfy my wanderlust than by sharing photos from our trip to Valparaiso Chile. We honeymooned in Vina del Mar, Chile. Why Chile, you ask? No reason in particular,…


Find fun wherever you are

We’ve longed for the beach around here, haven’t made it there yet this summer. But we found the closest thing to it 20 minutes away from home: the little beach on the river. The kids and I enjoyed this little…


Family Hike

It’s been really hot this summer. I’m thinking we picked the wrong time to be pregnant because I’ve made a hobby out of hiding out in my air-conditioned apartment, even though I long to be outside on most days. I hate…

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Eden Roc Hotel

Miami Beach

Ellie and I went to Miami beach for a few days with family. Most likely going our only trip this year given our pregnancy. Either way I’m glad it was early before the heat of summer sets in. I enjoy vacations…


Friends in the City

My good friend came down and visited two weekends ago. She’s my vegan compadre; we compare notes and scheme up interesting ways to veganize African dishes. She’s fabulous and inspires me to no end with her creative africhic wardrobe. Of…


The Bannors do Montreal

We met some interesting people and I picked up some eclectic eye glasses. Yes, they’re a bit over the top but if anyone person can pull it off, it’s me. It rained everyday we were there. Other than that, Montreal…


Warren M. Robbins Library—Heaven on Earth

Two days a week I work at the National Museum of African Art at the Smithsonian. It’s been swell so far and I feel right in my element among all the African Art fanatics and wonks. But the most enjoyable…

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Soundtrack to a beautiful day

I had the pleasure of discovering a talented artist this weekend. His name is Levi Stephens, and his an interesting mix between John Legend and John Meyer. He plays the guitar and his voice is melodic and soulful. The night…


Lake Anna

The family visited the lake and we had such a good time. It was hot! But we were grateful for the opportunity to get away for a bit. At the end she was so pooped, my brother had to prop…


Lunch Break at the Lake

Carousels, train rides and ice cream! The summer’s been off to a slow and easy start. This has been our first real summer together, the three of us. This time last year I was a sleep-deprived zombie of a new…


Vegan eats: Mother’s Day at Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats

Best cupcakes I ever had, hands down! Oh, and the grilled cheese sandwich…yum! First time I ever picked something on the menu that tasted better than what Evans gets. He has a knack for picking the best thing on the…


Girls’ Day (and night) Out

The best part of our night was renting these bikes and riding through the city!  The plan was to visit museums yesterday afternoon, but it didn’t happen. We were grateful to come across historic fraternity houses, and some brothers of…

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Pictures in Manual Mode: Fredericksburg Virginia

After reading Learning to See Creatively by Bryan Peterson, I experimented in Manual mode with my DSLR camera. Here are the fruits of my labor. Shots were taken on one fine Sunday afternoon in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I think I got…


Pretty Old Town

We just celebrated our third anniversary at a cute little French crepe cafe. The most delicious crepes on this side of town. It was sweet and cozy felt just like Paris all over again. After that, we went for a…


Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

I started the Fall season off right. We went to the pumpkin patch! What’s Autumn without the annual visit to the pumpkin patch right? Yes. So I dragged Evans along with Ellie and I to Cox Farms. Afterall, this is…

travel and adventure moms retreat in NYC

NYC Mommy retreat

I’m glad I didn’t punk out of my NYC plans the weekend after last. My cousin and I made plans to go but as the date drew nearer I dreaded the trip even though I needed the break. I dreaded…

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We’re Back

Miami was a blast! The Palms Hotel on South Beach was indeed beautiful, just like in the pictures. It was very hot and humid down there and it seemed to rain a little bit everyday–only for a short while. Oh…